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What’s PoPin: Artist Ari Chi of Color-Fool the Album

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Ari Chi is the lovely song bird and Color Fool you want to know and hear bumping in your speaker box and headphones (check out Track 2. Pages hashtag my shit!). Her Neo-Soul sound blends with almost any RNB/HipHop/Rock cover you can think of: YouTube link HERE. PeeP what’s PoPin below.

What’s PoPin: Ari Chi  


 So tell me how did music find it’s way into your life?
It’s in my bones. My whole family loves music and singing! 
Can you recall who was the first person to hear you sing and say: Yo! you got something?
My family, thank God they weren’t gassing me haha. My mom definitely knew first.
 Also where are you from what you reppin?
 Born in ATL but I’m Reppin Saint Pete/ Tampa for sure! 
  Explain the Ukulele and do you play any other instruments?
The ukulele is a smaller happier sounding guitar with two less strings. I got my first one for Christmas 2010. I don’t practice anything except ukulele, producing, songwriting and singing. 


 So If you were a color, what would you be? or what color are you currently? and explain the vibes of that color.
I’m sea foam green for sure. That’s been my favorite color for years now. It makes me feel relaxed and bright but not the center of attention. Just enough, you know? 
 Explain the album title, what is a “Color Fool”?
To be a Color Fool, you have to take time to analyze life with color and then imagine life without it. Colors are in everything.
Ari Chi seafoam
 Can you explain the energy in your hustle? you seem to be any and everywhere singing your butt off, what get’s you up and going? . . Is it the herbs, lol, do you work? school?
I use to be a workaholic and it wasn’t healthy. Once I quit working and started focusing on my craft full time, I started to grow. People take you more seriously when you have no choice but to win. No college yet, I’m not ready to commit to anything besides my dreams at the moment. 
 Exploring your Instagram, you appear to be very successful with your music; ABC, DAY Time TV, do you feel successful? Or how do you gauge your success?
Success is overrated. I’m happy as fuck. I don’t reach out for any of these blessings I’ve been receiving. I just do what I love and it’s really starting to intrigue people and bring blessings my way. Of course I know there are things that I want to accomplish that I haven’t yet, but timing is everything. 
With highs and lows begin factual, how do you deal with a funky mood?
Definitely stay high, no time to be low. Anything Art related calms me down. Thankfully I’m surrounded by multiple creatives on a daily basis. Every L is a lesson.
 Lastly what do you want your listeners to take away from this album or the Ari Chi experience overall?
I want people to live life without being afraid. I want people to know that’s it’s okay to love, but you’ve gotta love yourself first. Most of all I want people to paint pictures with their words and actions, life is one big mural.
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