Hippie at Heart

PS_Hippie 1 PS_Hippie 2PS_Hppie 3 PS_Hippie 4 PS_Hippie 5So this weekend the Coachella Music Festival will be underway and I sadly will not be there to witness; LIVE, the reunited  joined force know as “Aquimini”, if you’re totally lost right now I’m talking about this years most anticipated head liners “Outkast” (tears) but no worries, thank goodness we live in the age of technology with the help of “live streaming” and “instagram” I’m covered. With Coachella on the brain I found this sick dress at H&M; so Coachella appropriate, threw on some denim shorts and a bodysuit the only thing missing is a fierce flower crown. So no I won’t be in Cali for three days but on the bright side I got this bangin look and I live in beautiful  Miami 365 days. : ) Ciao!  

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  1. Great look. Maxi, denim shorts & a body suit. …hmmmm great inspiration!

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