Messy Sexy

PoPin Talk_Messy SexyI am all about the Messy Sexy “look” (emphasis on hair).You know the look; a tussled mane imperfectly perfect usually paired with barely there make up and maybe complimented by a cotton body hugging dress. A notable  example of this look would have to be Ms.Carrie Bradshaw; running around the street of New York with that wild hair of nicely complicated curls. Ms. Bradshaw was always giving Messy Sexy honey (snap,snap) Another example of course are fashion spreads; Vogue notoriously with well styled models in impeccable fashions with hurricane coiffure’s. I just melt when I see those images but although I love this look , I was wondering if I’m alone out there on this one?! So, I’m asking PoPin PeePs, this look: a bunch of strutting Crazy Heads or Messy Sexy Misses? You be the judge.

Judge not by the Crazy Head  next to you but by the content of these PoPin Looks below:

4 thoughts on “Messy Sexy

  1. Messy sexy misses all tha WAY!!!! I’m so that type of gurl. Rachel Zoe is my all time fave messy sexy chick!

  2. Definitely the adore the messy sexy look. It can turn anything bland to something fierce. Rawr! Lol Most definte a fave !

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