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Apparently it’s fall. My version of fall in Miami consists of short shorts and  mesh sweaters. And today that’s what I’m all about. I added a embellished vest and a kitten ear cap to spice things up.   For lunch I headed over to Playa Cafe for some good Cuban food! Now I know there’s a lot of you out there who would swear by your abuela’s cooking and who can argue with that but for today my choice is the meat falling off the bone oxtail at Playa Cafe located on 15 and Washington, Miami Beach check it out, I haven’t had everything on the menu but this spot never seems to be empty and if you want to try the oxtail it’s only available on Thursdays. I learned that the hard way but it never hurts to call first.

Kitten Ear Cap: Urban Outfitters

Sequence Vest: Old Zara

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