PeeP Florida Girl Mariea Hunynh of “Nonsense305”



Nonsense slayer Mariea Huynh has all the sunshine you need! She is a head to toe delight. PeeP what’s PoPin with Florida native Mariea Huynh.




One rainy Wynwood morning sashaying towards me in a full length yellow coat, with dancing yellow pigtails and a dangling Bart Simpson attached (totally not sure how it remained attached and in place); Mariea Huynh (Ms. Nonsense305 if you nasty or as seen on IG). The conversation begins with the statement: “My mom was Madonna before  Madonna”! I can totally believe it. 




My initial sighting of Ms. Nonsense was this past Swim Week; spotted on the corner of 17th and Collins, bright yellow hair a metallic dress and her KRUZIN sneakers (you couldn’t miss her if you wanted to). To now, when I asked her why “yellow” she replied with a delighted smile “I’m not sure, why yellow”. Her light hearted reply is a pure example of her ora. Light and lively with a touch of unpredictable but exciting out comes. Mariea’s “go with it”, attitude is admiring and is more likely the result of the multiple professional hats she wears. She’s currently a brand ambassador for KRUZIN sneakers, a costume designer, owner of multiple studio’s and designer to her very own re vamp thrift finds and one of a kind custom jackets on NONSENSE305.  





We explored a roller coaster of topics. From her accidental massage therapist career to her brief village living situation. All in all her advice to keeping things sunny in our day to day is to address fears straight on and be present in the present. PeeP the PoPin captures and follow NONSENSE305 on Instagram for your daily dose of  well curated nonsense.  










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