PoPin PeeP: Joseph

PoPin PeeP Joseph


Spotted behind the cash wrap of one of the worlds most notorious retail brands stood damn near a 7 foot tall and equally tall haired, cool kid. With every forward movement towards the register, two questions lingered. Who is he and has he ever been photographed.





The mystifying cool kid is 20 years old Joseph, born and raised in the County of Dade. Prior to linking up when asked for his Instagram he replied “I don’t have one”. Totally baffled by the thought of an actual human being not having social media preconditioned a meet up. Later it turned out that he does have an Instagram that he’d abandoned a while ago. He expressed that he’s just not that IG person. But who he is, is someone with a crazy sneaker collection, non smoker non drinker who dosen’t considers himself a lover of fashion but more of someone who likes what he likes with an incomplete Top Five list that consists of Wiz/Pac/Gucci Mane and a secondary top five with Travis Scott. PeeP the self styled PoPin Pics below. (currently working on getting him active on IG, lol )













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