PoPin PeeP: Photographer KENGY

PeeP  10 amazing images and get to know Miami based photog Kendra McNichols aka KENGY. Her captures are spell binding and transports you to the real uncut Miami Life. Each image below takes the form of a beginning, middle or end to an intriguing story. KENGY is mos def one to watch. PeeP what’s PoPin.









KENGY McNichols

How long have you been shooting?

Since I was seven or eight years old. I had a metallic blue 35mm film compact camera. I wish I still had it to add to my camera collection, lol. But it wasn’t until I attended boarding school where I was introduced to the fundamentals of photography and began shooting seriously.


What inspires you?

Everything, Literally. Anything that catches my eye or makes me feel inspired.


Describe what is beautiful to you?

Anything in it’s natural element. Organic and authentic.


What do you like shooting the most?

Portraits. It came from shooting in a studio or on the streets approaching random people that attracts my eye.


Do you have any other hidden talents?

Hmmmm, this one is tough, lol! I want to say cooking. I can make some PoPin‘ vegan food, lol — And skateboarding.


Love the “PoPin” part, lol, Tell me is there a such thing as an ugly picture?

It depends. I think some pictures can be “ugly” because some photographers overdo it on retouching/post-processing, which gives the picture an unnatural appearance.


In regards to photography, schooling vs. non-schooling your thoughts. 

I think going to school for photography is a personal choice. Anyone who is passionate about photography can master the craft by simply doing personal research on techniques, attending workshops and of course taking pictures everyday.

There are several of self-taught photographers out there who are killing the game and never attended college/university. However, I chose to attend college to get a broader base education and a college degree that would open more doors and opportunities as far as a career.

I wanted to learn more about arts and how I can utilize what I learn to improve my photography. I graduated from Barry University with a BFA in photography, a subject that I love. Now I am fine-tuning my skills to develop my photographic style.


What was the last thing you photographed?

18 year old, Myah. We met randomly at Walmart. It was her first time doing a photo shoot and she killed it! Give thanks to Myah! 
















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  1. I looooooove the “I need art supplies” photo kengy!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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