PoPin Print

Print and leather 1photo 4print and leather 2

Flared skirt, PoPin Print, and Gold details! Want to look instantly feminine, throw on a flared skirt. This look is so light and free and “light and free” should be Miami’s dress code motto because the sun try’s to kick your fashion butt. No layering here! Although you can definitely spot a cardigan, sweatshirt or sweater on the Lincoln Road strip, there are the other natives like myself trotting around in fab flared skirts praying for a Marilyn ¬†Monroe moment were “A cool breeze is a girls best friend” So for today I’m keeping “light and Free” and if you spot me around you may catch a show, (wink,wink)¬†

Crop Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

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