PoPin Talk: Tasha from Insecure . . . “You’re a Fuck N****!”



HBO Insecure’s character Tasha is setting Lawrence’s Ass straight! But the contents in her phone checking Lawrence was a jaw dropper for this Miami Girl! Let’s Talk About It! PeeP the PoPin Talk!


“You’re a FUCK N****. . .”

Last Night Episode 11 of HBO’s Insecure aired and if you’ve been watching, things appeared to be getting a little serious between: revenge hookup character Tasha and newly single character Lawrence. While trying not to give too much of a spoiler; Tasha invite’s Lawrence to a family BBQ in which he shows up to but slowly bails out of (so wrong, just left the girl there smh). And In a heated phone conversation between the two discussing his disappearing act, Lawrence expresses: “I’m not looking for anything serious”! Ouuuuuu, And Tasha flips her wig and responds with “You know what, You’re a FUCK N****!”.  

Now I’m not sure where ya’ll are from but where I am from that phrase can be deadly in the streets of Miami. To most PeePs in Miami, Fuck N****! can be considered as the ultimate form of disrespect to a male person and more or less similar to the reactions of the C word. Just hearing Tasha utter the phrase the first time widen my eyes. But lately I’ve notice that phrase take a new form in mainstream America into “FUCK BOY” but still generating an uneasy feeling to me. Last night’s Episode posed a query “Has the word evolved?”

Here’s Urban Dictionary’s Definition.


same as fuck boy; used in the dirrty; south it means a nigga you dont like
by GOOD March 27, 2005
a fuck nigga is a nigga who constantly keeps his girl upset. Doesn’t give her anything in return. Lies to her, doesn’t keep it real. Doesn’t support when support is needed from him. Isn’t the type you come and talk to, exposes, humiliates his woman. But claims he “loves” his woman. Does things over and over,
by Amanilolo May 23, 2015
The second definition is a total surprise to me. I’ve never associated that phrase as a description for a man’s behavior in a “relationship”, to me, if I were to phrase it towards a guy it would be like a Mortal Kombat; “finish him” type of ordeal (or is that from street fighter, any whoo). I had the luxury of asking a few people: Guy 1. Originally from Ohio said “that word was not in my vocabulary growing up, now to me it means a piece of shit person and womanizer”, Guy 2. Miami native “disrespectful but loosely used today” and the third person a woman she said “a ain’t shit person”. I totally understand that words are constantly taking new forms but tell me PoPin PeeP’s what does it mean to you?





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