PoPin Talk: Unstoppable Me!

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Super Man has his cape, Batman his mask and Karl Lagerfeld- well… his gloves. Without these things they’re still the PoPin people that they are but I like to believe there’s something about that one piece you put on that makes you feel immediately- UNSTOPPABLE !For Moi, it’s my Boots. Short boot, long boot, mid thigh high when I lace, zip or slip them on it’s Unstoppable Me! I feel like I can take on anything. Boots to me have that automatic bad ass appeal. Mine are usually paired with a dress or basically anything I feel like throwing on that day. Also I like to think when people see me strutting around town in my boots they say things like “Check out the boots on her” or helpful things like “I’m on 16th & Collins at the light standing next to this girl with these PoPin boots”. – Yeah, something like that  but what about you PeePs? What’s is that one piece or pieces you put that makes you feel Unstoppable?! 

One thought on “PoPin Talk: Unstoppable Me!

  1. Nothing says UnSTOPPABLE like a pair of single sole ankle strap heel sandals!!! My personal fave is the Gucci Victoire. I put that on with everythang!! Lol. Something about the buckle ankle strap paired with the single strap over my toes screams PROVACATEUR. I can certainly conquer any runway.

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