PoPin Talk: We Made It!


Ah, Yes! I’m talking about that point in time in your life where everything makes sense. You’ve found that last piece to this complex life puzzle and you can finally see the big picture. You’ve worked hard matching, searching and trying every puzzle piece and then Voila \vwa-la\! SUCCESS and it looks and feels good.

Where there is success there is more than likely incentive and by incentive I mean $$$$$. If you’re a long time fashion lover that can only mean one thing; total fashion domination! Like walking into that often fantasized fashion house and all you can hear is that mixed Jewish kid in your ear confirming “WE MADE IT!”.

That fashion house for me would be the one, the only- CHANEL. My scenario would go something like this – Entering La Masion de Chanel, I would carelessly browse around like I visit often, moving ever so swiftly and as the sales agent motion towards me, I would say just two words; Le Classic. He would confirm with a reassuring nod and moments later emerge from the golden back-stock; cue the trumpets (Dudu dudu duuu duhh) the voice of that mixed Jewish kid re-appears and proclaim “And anything I got is Not a rental, I OWN THAT MUTHAFUCKA!” Yes “Trophies”, that; it would certainly be.

Heck Yeah! The Chanel  Classic Large Flap Quilted Black Lambskin Chain bag would mos def be my “WE MADE IT!” piece of fashion. And why stop there?! PeeP a few other PoPin pieces below. WHAT’S YOURS? . . .


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