PoPin Talk: WTF Shoppers

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It’s Summer and you know what that means, SUMMER-SALES! That got me thinking PoPin People: WTF type of Shopper are you?

I like to believe I’m the “IDEAL” shopper. I don’t require assistance while shopping, I know what I want and how and when I want it (snap,snap). It also doesn’t hurt to know both sides of this “shopping world” with being at certain points in my life a cashier, sales agent and shopper. I’ve seen and met some “interesting” people. I like to think I went to school for it.

That’s right, The Academy of Shopping Smarts where I learned how to politely turn down sales agent assistance. Fitting room mathematics (clothing ratio per person), technology: utilizing my “smart phone” to take a full body “selfie” to see if I really like how I look in something (clever right?) and important things like time management such as removing hangers to speed up the check out process (yaaaas).

Although we retail alums would’ve love for everyone to have some type of shopping education. Sadly there are those who make Summer Sales brutally painful. Yep, we all know them. PeeP the list below. If you can recognize yourself as one of these shopping culprits, two words: Online Shopping!

PoP talk 1


Talks to any and everybody about anything  and will less likely make a purchase


PoP talk 2A little tricky and here’s why. They don’t say much but know what they want and may leave the dressing room a flying mess of clothes but will most likely make a huge purchase

PoP talk 3Name speaks for it’s self. The Poser says things like: “It’s only that much, too bad I have one just like it”, “Oh, is this Chanel, I just love her” and the infamous “Can you hold it for me, I’ll be right back”.

PoP talk 4The [Cap-it-an] of negativity says things like: “Why did it have to be in that color!”, “The lighting in here is terrible”, “What an ugly dress, who would wear this”

PoP talk 5The Dreamer would walk into an ALL WHITE boutique for example, and say something like, “Do you have any magenta skirts?!” or “I’m looking for something like this a little longer in white with crystal buttons with little “S’s” on them, Do you have that?!” – Someone Help!!! that person!


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