PS x El Patio

Total newbie to the weekend scene but apparently Saturday’s are made for boobs, babes and brunch or at least by El Patio’s standards. Located on 23rd street in the Woods (that’s Wynwood for my auto correct peeps out there) El Patio housed #TheWildBrunch this past weekend and it was a nipple bean bag, blow up dolls and dancing horse head man (I believe) type of vibe. Although the clouds literally rained on this parade nothing was stopping this party. PeeP the PoPin Pics below.



El-Patio-16 El-Patio-5 El-Patio-8 El-Patio-7 El-Patio-10 El-Patio-11 El-Patio-9 El-Patio-15 El-Patio-12 El-Patio-17


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