Mango Season EP

Savannah Cristina Breaks Down the Mango Season EP




Savannah Cristina Mango Season EP Break Down


Jumping into it, what sparked the EP Mango Season?

Well, I knew I wanted to release an EP in the summer. Something warm and motivational. Mango Season takes place in the summer months so it fit perfectly. My neighbor hood is full of mangos every summer and it’s been a time I anticipate every year since childhood, this is my first mango season as a “grown up” lol and I still feel that anticipation. The title just fit.


First track off the EP is PEACE, with lines like “be myself”, “free myself”, can you explain what type of head space you were in, in the process of this record?

Well, the line is “cut some people off so I can be myself”. I really had to let go of certain relationships and friendships to grow as a woman. In a way, they hindered me from being myself and loving myself. I just wanted peace to be free from negativity. Even if it meant separation from people I grew attached to over time.  


Afro is my ish! What sparked the track Afro? And what do you think about today’s natural hair movement?

I love Afro! I used to be very dependent on flat irons and weave. My family always said my hair needed to be tamed. I was really depressed at one point. All my money went to buying weave and paying stylists. My real hair was so damaged. I did everything to it (hair dye, sew ins, glued caps). One day I went to a barber and got it shaved off on the sides and cut off the top. I guess you could say a Boosie fade, lol. Since then I learned to accept myself on a new level. Afro is a love song to my natural state. 


Tell us what influences your sound? What type of records are you dawn to?

I’m a fan of Jazz and Neo-Soul. My spoken word poetry background influences my writing. I like to really have a message with my words even if it’s abstract. I never throw words together cause they sound good, I put thought behind my lyrics.  


So what’s PoPin on your playlist?

Mango Season! Brent Faiyas, The internet, Twelve’len, Little Dragon and Gucci Mane (lol). I love rap so I got Nas and DMX in there too right now.



Mango Season EP



OMG! Soulja! You and Twelve’len’s voice compliments each other very well, was the record intended for him as a ft.?

It started off with just the hook. He heard the track one day and started singing a freestyle verse. Before I knew it we were collaborating and then we had Telescope Thieves go HAM on production. Those adlibs on Twelve’s verse has to be the most exciting part of the creation process. 


It’s kind of trippy seeing a track titled Social Media, what are your thoughts on social media and what role does it play in your life?

I like social media in general. I don’t like people using it as a way to define relationships. I personally don’t care for posting my significant other on my page. I don’t really want to be posted on anyone’s page just to feel like I’m in a relationship with them. Social media is an awesome way to keep up with friends and spread my music, I try to stay out of drama it comes with though. 


What inspired Go Baby!? (Are those words intended for anyone?)

The song was really for me and my friends. We all have a dream to run our own businesses. Go Baby was me trying to inspire them to go after their goals and to stop procrastinating.


In reference to the track Single, when listening to it all I could think of was (“who did it?!) is this track a personal experience or just on point creativity? 

Definitely personal experience. This song is about not letting a relationship define you. You have to be your best by yourself. I don’t want anyone to bring the best out of me, I should always be at my best.


So, In life there are a lot of up’s and down’s, what keeps you focus and motivated?

Before I made music, I felt like I had no voice. I’m focused on my music because it honestly makes me happy to share my stories.


Lastly, What would you like your listeners to take from this project?

I want my listeners to feel confident and that they aren’t going through things alone. Everything is only Seasonal, things will change if you take that step.


That’s what’s up!


Thank you and stay PoPin!

Everyone Go Listen to Mango Season!




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