What’s PoPin: Nadirah Naima

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Take note of the name Ms. Nadirah Naima came to slay and more! Our initial encounter involved a creative network event where her signature curly crown stood out with kick ass frames and outfit to boot! If there was anyone I had to meet or photograph that night; it had to be her. Not only does this babe possess a fashionable soul but also a mind full of treasures that she refuse to let mainstream America rob her of  or persuade to any “social standards”. PeeP what she’ll be PoPin off April 12th! — Also IG worthy follow @nadirah_naima 




What’s PoPin : Nadirah Naima

So tell us, what’s PoPin off April 12th?   

My new show “For The Culture” on dagr8fm online licensed radio station will finally be premiering. I’m super hype it’s going to be lit! 


Where did the concept for the show come from?

It just came from my everyday life. This show will be a reflection of my thoughts, my personality and my love for my people and the culture of music.



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Would you consider yourself to be someone that is (as I like to phrase it) “black conscious”?

I consider myself to be someone who is in tune with The Most High, my ancestors, myself and my nationality. I am someone who takes pride in those things and I do it unapologetically.


Was there a sense of “woke(ness)” for you?

LOL, it’s so funny how now a days everyone considers themselves to be “woke”. I have a lot more learning to do before I would consider myself fully awakened from the slumber we have been put under as a people. But I am also a lot further away from the ignorant state I used to be in before gaining the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that I have today. Everyday is a learning process and a chance to do things better. I’m just growing and learning.




How can we protect our individuality and still be influential?

We need gate keepers! We need to stop excepting everything. We need to set higher standards for our culture and tell these whack ass people who try to infiltrate that they can’t sit with us. We need to support our own and keep the dollar flowing within ourselves. We will always be influential. It’s our DNA. We are the originators, the salt of the earth we will never not be PoPin, I mean who doesn’t want to be us.  



Can you spill on what the first topic of the show will be on?

You noseyyyyyyyyyy! lol sike!, nah. It’s going to be an overlook of my musical knowledge and what “For The Culture” stands for. We’ll talk about my top 5 favorite artist of different categories and how they’ve influenced my life and the lives of others.

Can’t Wait!


“For The Culture” premiering April 12th on dagr8fm tune in!




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