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PeeP the interview with artist Dat Crafty Gal. Not only is she crafty but the beauty of her soul shines through her work and mind. Mos def one to collaborate with and explore — Instagram here DATCRAFTYGAL tumblr HERE . 






Dat Crafty Gal


What’s your name and what city are you reppin?

My name is Dez Array aka Dat Crafty Gal and I’m from Los Angeles; Inglewood to be exact.


Your IG Bio reads “Black. Queer. Women. Artist . . .” and more. Why make such a statement and what do these descriptions mean to you in 2017 with the new President and where the US is currently? 

I put “Black. Queer. Women . .” in my bio because that is simply who I am. I’m letting everyone know first thing so if they got a problem they can get the f*** out my face. It’s also a way for me to show how proud I am to be those things and care less about what ya’ll president think. That man is nothing to me. He will be gone soon. I just hope he doesn’t do to much damage. Regardless, in the immortal words of Kendrick Lamar, “we gon be alright!”


You seem to be, as I like to put it “black conscious” is this a choice if so why?

It is and it isn’t. I have always had an open mind and questioned many things growing up. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by people who did not think like me. So, I began thinking something was wrong with me. I thank my partner, Dae, for letting me free my mind and be myself. He assured me that my thinking was not wrong and that some people just can’t see the truth or choose not to. I get it. It’s very depressing when you see the world for what  it really is. But I refuse to let anyone distract me with bullsh**, put a blindfold around my eyes and make me forget all that my people have endured. I must continue to fight for myself, for my family, for my ancestors, in any way that I can.




In one word for each stage describe your work from past, present and future?

Lost. Encouraging. Legendary. 


On Feb 16 in the caption of your IG post you wrote “struggle with loving myself”, Can you elaborate on that a bit and how do feeling like this effect your art? or does it?

I am a mess. I have really bad anxiety, I lack confidence in myself and I’ve been struggling with depression all my life. Being able to express myself through my art is what keeps me sane. I pick apart everything that I do, everything that I create. I feel like it’s never good enough. It’s a process . . . but I’m getting there. 




How is it being and artist in this social media era? Pro or Con?

Being an artist right now is amazing. Social media has it’s horrors but it really brings people together and because of that I am able to find like minded individuals. It has helped me a lot because I don’t really feel alone anymore.


A lot of your work is very sexual, what’s the thought process there?

I basically think about women all the time. I absolutely love black women. I have an amazing boyfriend but still crave the touch of a women. I haven’t really been romantic with anyone other than a man so my cravings just come out through my art, I guess . . . 


How do you deal with self doubt?

Honestly . . . Lately, I think about Sir and Issa Rae who have come so far, both representing Inglewood! I use to watch Issa’s YouTube videos and Sir sold me my microphone at Guitar Center down the street. They give me so much hope and seriously make me feel like I can actually do this. I can make my dreams reality. Issa has an amazing new show on HBO now and Sir is signed to TDE! These are two people that were close to me and had the same dreams as me and they made it. I also think about Jordan Peele who just made that masterpiece “Get Out”. I’ve always wanted to make psychological horror films and as you know black people are not really present in the horror genre. So, for him to make that film I can’t help but be inspired. Basically, if they can do it so can I. 


I love the “America Perspective” series, if you could give a message to America what would it be?

If I could give a message to America it would be: Black, Brown, Yellow and Red. We all have the same enemy: White. Can we stop fighting each other and plan some sh** already?! 










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