What’s PoPin: M6


PeeP and take a listen to no other than the “MIYC” (man in your city) and why he “DiiB” (dare to be) true to being nothing short of M (mutha f***ing) 6. His, is a talent in the city of Miami that reckons to be uncovered and experienced by true music lovers. PeeP What’s PoPin with M6! 


Artist M6






Also 6 Questions for M6:


1. What would be the ultimate music ft. dead or alive?

Andre 3000


2. Miami in one word?



3. The game is missing?



4. The music of your hair?

Exodus (Bob Marley)


5. The first time I heard [blank], I [blank]? 

When I heard “All Eyez On Me”, I wanted to get “Thug Life” tatted across my belly and still do. What Pac represented, defined “Thug Life” to me, into something worth passing down to my own. He stood for everything and fell for nothing.


6. Message to the world of music?

Give credit to the good music that still exist. ESPECIALLY M6 SHIT! 






“Where ever I go, I personally feel like my presence will be felt”






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