What’s PoPin: New Year, New Sights

Starting the year off with artist @nnizag, she is the most beautiful soul you’ll ever come across and skillful to boot, check out her work here. She made this shoot way to easy. PeeP what’s PoPin.





Nniza, What’s PoPin?!. .

When did you first notice that you actually had artistic talent?

Hmm, well since I learned how to hold a crayon and make a line. Art has been apart of me from the jump – I always knew who I was and what I wanted to do in life. I guess I was just one of the lucky ones.


What goes on in the mind of a creative, explain to me what the world looks like to you?

Well, for me I think it’s easier for me to just enjoy nature and the little things. Like, if I look at a leaf I notice not just it’s uncanny beauty but also the colors and lines, if it’s duo-toned or it’s asymmetry. I’m also a designer so I go through life analyzing lines and shapes constantly – being inspired by the way a building contrasts against it’s surroundings. I think the thing that sets us artist apart is that we never stop being curious about how the way things look, intrigued by the effortless details of life.


Is this vision influenced by a herbal resource, lol?

Nah, lol. I mean I smoke a lot but that doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s just how an artist is programmed, we’re all kind of wired one way or the other. My creativity is full force when I’m sober actually.


In your work there’s shifted heads, paint dripping skin and bagged faces done in beautiful colors, I love the combination of moods is that on purpose?

I guess I just have an aesthetic that combines pretty and strange elements. I am drawn towards either bright colors or black/white. I just do what I think is cool, I think playing around with imagination – pulling inspiration from surrealism and pop art.


Put the following in order of importance; 1st, 2nd and 3rd: On paper, On Computer or In real Life? 

hmm . . . . 1. In real life 2. On paper 3. On computer









 “I always knew who I was and what I wanted to do in life. . .”






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