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Looking through my blog you can clearly see that I’m not a fussy dresser, although I do love a good layered look ( all hail Leandra Medine aka ManRepeller.com) I’m a sucker for E Z pieces like this dress from H&M ( were you expecting me to say somewhere else, lol) Blame it on Miami’s heat if you must but I live for grab and go pieces even better if there’s no ironing needed and H&M has managed to feed my E Z, peezy dressing hunger and at an amaze-ball price the dress was only $12.95, I know right!!!! Total jaw dropping moment; OK now, close your mouth and enjoy this look.

– P S

XoXo    Happy Monday!!!

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One thought on “E Z

  1. Love this look!
    I am the same hun, I have days when I throw clothes on especially at the weekends and I even do a outfit post on the ‘casual’ outfit. Hee hee

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