PoPin Talk: Social Madness

PoPin Talk SMTurn Down For What?!

What was the longest you went without touching your phone? I’ll wait. . . What has happen to US! Don’t get it twisted, I enjoy Social Media just as everyone else but lately it has been a little much. Tweet this, watch this, like that! – Turn Down! Yes. I said it, Turn Down! Recently that’s exactly what I did. During a 30 min lunch break I challenged myself to do without my “social gate keeper” yup! No phone for this girl. I noticed the following during my time constricted journey on Collins Ave.

1. Phone or no phone the blazing sun is always there

2. Win or lose Miami Heat gear is everywhere! Let’s Go Heat!

3. A lot of NYC accents, I think it’s safe to deem Miami the 6th borough

4. Stylish European men ( no baggy jeans over here)

And last but not least aahem ASS! – who wears short, shorts ( apparently everyone)

But oddly there were some instagram worthy sightings like my enormous pizza slice from the Pizza Bar on 16th and Collins, this homeless guy bathing in a hotel fountain and me getting apparently flash by this guy who decided not to wear any underwear (that was a bit much) but the point is you can miss a lot with your nose in your phone. So go PoPin People enjoy Life and don’t show but tell someone about it.



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